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BATIK PERUVIAN BUNDLE HAIR 24 - Outre Synthetic Braid

BATIK PERUVIAN BUNDLE HAIR 24 - Outre Synthetic Braid

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BATIK PERUVIAN BUNDLE HAIR 24 - Outre Synthetic Braid 

Type: Synthetic Braid

Carefully wash with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo.

Finger comb while washing. Do not rub or twist hair.
Apply conditioner and rinse. Use leave-in conditioner, if desired.
Gently squeeze out excess water and towel blot. Do not roll or rub the hair dry with the towel.
Drip dry the hair. When completely dry, style as desired. Use a wide-toothed comb for curly hair and a paddle brush for straight hair.
Do not use any heating appliances.

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So the hair was good in the packet came in lt30 the brown wasnt as dark as the picture but still ok. The hair gets frizzy and matted easilyin one pack inprpbably loat about half the amount of priginal haor pr close to it due to matting cause the hair would get tangled when seperating and then it would get frizzy, water truly saved and defined this hair. Luckily i had some left ober freetress hair called appeal and it was super identical to the hair pattern together they made the full pack again. The hair is super long so i do recommend cutting it straight it is down to my butt however half way cut its probably to my misback area . It takes well to water and curly leave in conditioners. I will apply pics soon in using the hair in the interlock braid style. The hair matted and frizzed before i could even put it in my hair jist from initial review and trying to seperate the hair these shenanigans occured . Luckily the awesome buy one get one free price gives me one more pack to use and this hair i am mixing with appeal by freetress, and ocean wave by model model glance. This hair can be blow dryed but i wouldnt recommend flat ironing it at least not at anything above like 100degrees or so. The first pack matting was a fail but the hair i do believe will hold up a long time because the curling conditioners help define and maintain the curl without looking clumped up i use like cantu shea butter leave in, garmier fructis smooth milk, herbal essence hello hydration 2 in 1 for washing, and the curly girl products. The hair looks like true peruvian hair or a puerto rican look. I hate it doesn't flat iron but since applying minimal heat will do the job thats one more style i can add to press the hair a longer way. Overall i would use the hair again just next time i plan to have a backup pack if i decide to use just this hair, i also recommend not reviewing the hair until ur stylist or whoever is able to put the hair in ur head because it could matt or something and i do suggest u mix the hair with model model glance ocean wave or freetress appeal because the look is amazingly natural and sooo to die for . It seriously fools as human hair . The packs arent thin like everyone says but at least 3 will do a full head maybe 4 at the max if u cut them in half which is like under chest length
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