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EZ BRAID 26 Inch 3X - Oh Yes Hair Synthetic Braid

EZ BRAID 26 Inch 3X - Oh Yes Hair Synthetic Braid

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EZ BRAID 26 Inch 3X - Oh Yes Hair Synthetic Braid

Type: Synthetic Braid


  • SPETRA EZ BRAID 3X PACKS 20" / 26"
  • Original Antibacterial Braid
  • Natural looking pre-stretched professional Braid
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal, Itch Free!
  • (made with patented antibacterial fiber)
  • -Good Lock
  • -No Tangle
  • -Hot Water Set

Oh Yes Hair
Hair Style:
  • Pre-Braided
Hair Length:
  • Long
  • 20 inch & more
Braid Style:
  • Bulk Crochet
THIS AMAZING! I recently traveled to West Africa and took this hair to get micro senegalese twists installed. To reduce installation time at the salon I went to, the manager had five women team up to get the task done (took them about 5 hours). Each of these five women (AND customers at the salon) asked me at least one question about this hair: "Did you buy this here?" "Is this human hair?" "Did you bring more packs?" The ultimate statement from one was "If this hair was sold here, I would never buy Xpression again!" Ultimately, they were all so amazed with the quality of the hair, the ease in installation because it didn't tangle, and the fact that they could install it directly from the package, no preparation needed. For me, the quality is definitely 5 stars compared to other kanekalon braiding hair, it is a HUGE time saver, and I LOVE the ombre coloring (I ordered the T1B/30 in 20" which surprisingly comes down to the middle of my back). I have received at least 1 compliment a day since I got this hair installed. I WILL be investing in more for sure!
Love love love this hair it really stands behind its name EZ. Will purchase again for sure
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