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JAMAICAN BOUNCE 26 INCH - Sensationnel African Collection Synthetic Braid

JAMAICAN BOUNCE 26 INCH - Sensationnel African Collection Synthetic Braid

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JAMAICAN BOUNCE 26 INCH - Sensationnel African Collection Synthetic Braid

Type : Synthetic Braids Hair (African Collection Braids)


  • Hot water Braid
  • Light & Soft
  • Easy Brushing
  • Easy Separatin
Hair Style:
  • Kinky Curl
Hair Length:
  • Medium
  • Blonde
  • Auburn
  • Mixed
  • Ombre
Braid Style:
  • Bulk Crochet
African Collection
This is my second installment. The first time I had 1b/27 and I liked the color but I couldn't keep it from looking dry, no matter how much wig oil I would use. This installment I used 1b/30 and I love this look, my third installment will be all black and will probably be the only color I use...I love this hair. Please keep your hair tied up tho, it can get frizzy pretty fast.
I love this hair. I got the most compliments of any hairstyle ever when I had this installed....I used 4 packs and it was just the right amount of fullness. I did not separate the curls. I was concerned it would cause excess frizziness. But, I think I will separate them in half next time just to experience a different look...I was able to keep this in and well-maintained for about 6 weeks. And I was still getting complimented on it after all that time! The hair does frizz, but cutting it off 1-2 times a week keeps it looking nice.
Love it
I just love this hair
This has been my go-to-hair for the past 6 months. Four packs gives me a nice full bouncy look. You need to split it in two, it gives a much better look than using it whole.

The hair is a nice texture. The packs of hair are very SMALL. It takes several packs of hair to do an entire hairstyle.
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