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SOFT WATER - Model Model Glance Synthetic Braid

SOFT WATER - Model Model Glance Synthetic Crochet Braid

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SOFT WATER - Model Model Glance Synthetic Crochet Braid

Type: Synthetic Crochet Braid

Overview :

  • Flame Retardant Fiber
  • Glance is made of fiber exclusively developed to resemble the touch and feel of human hair.
  • Glance braid hair is popular for a reason. A premium fiber features the premium integration of the state-of-the art fiber from Japan.
  • The texture of the Glance braid hair is perfect for braiding; soft but no slippery. We read your mind.

Hair Style:
  • Curly
  • Kinky Curl
Hair Length:
  • Medium
  • Blonde
  • Auburn
  • Mixed
Braid Style:
  • Bulk Crochet

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