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Cheetah Pepper Spray Assorted

Cheetah Pepper Spray Assorted

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Cheetah Pepper Spray Assorted

  • with Faux Leather Case
  • Maximum Strength
  • Multiple Blasts
  • Range up to 12ft
  • Simple to use
  • Identifying uv dye
  • Used by law enforcement 
  • Trusted name in Self Defense 

How to use : 

1. Unlock the red actuator button by sliding the flat red tab to the right so the red tab aligns with the small cut out of the black cap. 

CAUTION . Pepper spray in now armed. 

2. Point the pepper spray release hole toward the face of the assailant or the target. 

3. Push down firmly on the red tab marked press using short bursts. Pepper Spray will squirt about 8 to 12 feet in stream. 


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