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Edge booster - Style Factor 0.85oz

Edge booster - Style Factor 0.85oz

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Edge booster - Style Factor 0.85oz

  • 25 ml / 0.85oz
  • Strong hold water based pomade
  • High Shine with Natural Argan Oil 
  • Water-soluble 
  • Stays moist throughout day and shampoos out easily 
  • Defines and molds hair in place to deliver a strong. 
  • Pliable hold all day . 
  • Gives you all day lasting fresh smell to your scultped hair. 

Edge Booster : with Natural Argan oil creates high shine, moisturizing and textured natural look, also long- lasting and has a strong hold . 

Directions : Rub a small amount into hands, apply evenly on dry or damp hair then style as desired. 

  • Edge Booster® is made with natural argan oil which absorbs quickly with no oily residue. 
  • It nourishes and hydrates while providing a strong and pliable hold.
  • The unique fresh and clean scent will invigorate your senses and freshen up your hair even in between washes. 
  • With our water soluble and non-greasy formula, you can be confident that it will wash out easily and style with versatility, and does not clog pores or cause breakouts. 
  • So whether you want to texturize with a natural finish, hold style without build up, define curls, control frizz, or tame edges, Edge Booster will be your favorite styling solution.

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