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RK by Kiss - Express Hair Mascara - HPM

Kiss - Express Hair Mascara – HPM

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HPM01 - Futuristic Silver HPM02 - Rich Pink Gold HPM03 - Pretty Orange HPM04 - Flirt Pink HPM05 - Midnight Blue HPM06 - Rebellious Green

 Kiss - Express Hair Mascara - HPM

Create vivid and shimmering hair color streaks with Pearl Hair Mascara to stand-out for your special occasions. Numerous color combinations and styles can be expressed for all different events.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Shampoos out.
  • Only for hair styling purpose.
Step 1 Apply Pearl Hair Mascara on selected strips of hair where you want to temporarily apply color.
Step 2 For a bold, vivid look, apply streaks throughout without combing through. For more blended look, gently comb through the streaks until dried to spread color naturally.
Step 3 Re-apply anytime to enhance the colors.

Step 4 Easily remove the temporary colors by washing the streaks with shampoo.

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