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Human Hair Blend Lace Wigs

Human Hair Blends are an exclusive combination of synthetic fibers and human hair. It brings down the cost when compared to 100% human hair but it also maintains some of the characteristics of human hair as well as synthetic hair. So Blends take the best of both worlds of synthetic and human hair, but to a lesser degree than either individually.

Blend lace wigs have a certain level of real human hair strands, so you will find that they can be styled in different ways more easily than synthetic lace wigs. The colors can also be changed to a higher degree than synthetics, but not as much as some human hair lace wigs. They also look and feel more natural like real hair, but are also more easily managed than 100% human hair. So, in general, blends are for those who want both minimal hair care and maximal styling options.

Here’s a list summarizing the advantages of Blends:
- Cheaper than 100% Human Hair
- Natural look of Human Hair
- Larger color dye spectrum than synthetics
- Combination of minimal care and maximal styling options

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If you’re unsure if you want to go completely real human hair or play it safe with synthetic hair, then a blend might be right for you! Some people prefer the unique feel and texture of blends, but you won’t know until you try! Just know that at Hair To Beauty you’ll be getting the best Human Hair Blend Lace Wigs out there. We strive to deliver the best quality at the best price. If you want to be in on all our lace wig sales and when new styles are coming out then be sure to subscribe to our HairToBeauty email newsletter at the bottom right corner of our site! Just scroll down~