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BS 230 - Mane Concept Brown Sugar Soft Swiss Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig : TE1B/273033 /

BS 230 - Mane Concept Brown Sugar Soft Swiss Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig

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BS 230 - Mane Concept Brown Sugar Soft Swiss Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig

Type: Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig

Cap Size: May vary slightly by brand

Front : 9” Top : 12”
Crown : 12” Upper Back : 9”
Nape : 2” Sides : 9”
Finish Length : 14”
Weight : 5.3 oz Extended Strap : YES

Model Shown Color :  Front : TE1B/273033 / 

                                     Three  Quarter : SR1B/KHAKIBROWN 

                                     Side / Back : SR2/SANDYBLOND


  • Tiger eye color : TE1B/273033
  • Hot color : Blueblack , SR1B/KHAKIBROWN . SR1B/SCRALET , SR2/SANDBBLOND
  • Middle Part
  • Human Hair Stylemix
  • Flexibility 
  • Soft & Skin Friendly Lace - SOFT SWISS LACE 
  • Maximum Comfortability 
  • No Irritation or Odors
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Single Knot (Hand Tied)
  • Sophisticated Lace Structure
  • This unit is available in various shades of Basic ,ombre or highlights colors to accurate. 
  • Brown Sugar soft Swiss Lace is skin friendly and designed with a breathable fabric , no irritation only satisfaction.

    Inspired by the gemstone of the same name, the TIGER EYE color can be described as a uniquely striking mixture of gold, auburn, and brown hues. 
  • When shaped and polished, the Tiger’s Eye gemstone gives off a luminous color combination of golds, browns,
    auburns, and black. Until recently, the words “Tiger Eye” were most often found in the accessories and
    handmade crafts industries. 
  • In the past few seasons, the hair industry has come to embrace and explore the Tiger Eye color in relations to coloring techniques. 
  • Although when looking at TIGER EYE hair there isn’t a specific color that pops out to the naked eye,
    the effortless combination of colors portrays a distinctively enchanting yet natural look.
Mane Concept
Hair Style:
  • Straight
Hair Length:
  • Long
  • Mixed
  • Sombre
Mane Concept

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