Human Hair Lace Wigs

Human Hair Lace Wigs

If you’re looking for hair and don’t know where to start, you can begin by looking at actual real human hair. That way you’ll have a solid basis from which you can compare.

Human hair means the hairs that make up the wig come from one or more donors and is not artificial. The quality, process, and cultural implications can all be different depending on the country of origin of the hair. Regular human hair, as opposed to Remy, can also be collected in different ways in the same exact country.

Most human hair is collected from hair that has naturally fallen off and is gathered at salons or collection sites. Another method is to cut a bundle of hair directly off of a donor, but that is usually the process used for Remy. The hair is then chemically washed to remove contaminants, as well as to remove the hair cuticles so that the hair can be aligned in any direction and be handled with less damage to the hair strands overall. This slightly diminishes the quality of the hair, but leaving the cuticles exposed could lead to split ends and lots of static frizz. Every hair brand company has their own unique, deeply guarded process, so they may vary from brand to brand. Each country of origin also has a unique texture and coarseness to its hair that can help in deciding what type you want.

Hair Characteristics of Different Regions:
Indian Hair
Is one of the most prevalent hair out there, one, because of high availability and, two, because of its incredible quality. It is highly regarded in the beauty industry as the most versatile hair type, and it is known for being naturally dark brown and having a soft silky texture with subtle waves. It can be easily curled and is less coarse than Chinese hair. With a modest shine, it happens to blend amazingly well with most brown to dark black hair. Indian human hair moves effortlessly even with minimal hair products. Its popularity comes from how little it tangles, minimal shedding, and its natural wavy look that doesn’t disappear with usage.

Chinese Hair
And Indian hair are to two most prevalent hairs available in the market. This hair will be among the straightest that you can find. So chinese human hair lace wigs will generally be straight. It is naturally shiny and is slightly more coarse than Indian hair. Real natural Chinese hair tends to not hold curls and will straighten out after some time. Similar to Indian hair, Chinese hair is popular because of how it doesn’t shed or tangle, and how straight it is naturally.

Brazilian Hair
Is durable, relatively thick, and soft with a slight sheen. This type of hair is well known for taking styles easily, whether it’s being straightened, waved, or curled. Colors all the way up to bright blonds can be more easily applied. Added with the fact that the texture of the hair blends well with a wide variety of textures, it’s easy to see why Brazilian hair is among the most sought after. Its versatility is perfect for those who love to style and shape their hair, and even if you don’t touch it, its luxurious feel and look can hold its own.

Peruvian Hair
Is incredibly durable while also being versatile in its ease of being styled. It can be styled and curled repeatedly while maintaining its new fresh look. This makes Peruvian hair a great multi-purpose hair as you can constantly change your look and style without heavily damaging the hair. It’s extremely soft and slightly silkier than Brazilian hair. As Peruvian hair is still relatively rare it is also usually more expensive than other hair types.

Malaysian Hair
Feels luxurious, is sleek and relatively straight with slight bends. Usually it comes with a strong natural luster that will begin to fade, closely resembling the shine of Indian hair. The hair moves freely and can hold curls throughout the day without loosening. Naturally, it is a dark brown, but it is well known to dye and handle colours well. So try out Malaysian Hair if you’re looking to style and want to be able to have almost any color combination that you want.

*Be Aware:
Something to always be considerate about is that there is no governing body that regulates hair and their country of origins. So if a company claims that their hair is Malaysian, it can mean one of two things: 1) It is actually from Malaysia 2) It is simply labelled Malaysian while the true origin is unstated. Sometimes companies will label their hair as Malaysian, but simply because its texture and form are similar to those found in Malaysia, or so they claim. Irregardless of what the companies claim, at Hair To Beauty you can be sure that what you purchase will be of the highest quality!

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