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EV-004 - Model Model Premium Seven Star Endless V-Shaped Collection Lace Front Wig

EV-004 - Model Model Premium Seven Star Endless V-Shaped Collection Lace Front Wig

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EV-004 - Model Model Premium Seven Star Endless V-Shaped Collection Lace Front Wig

Type: Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Cap Size: May vary slightly by brand

  • Average - Circumference 21.5" 
  • Ear To Ear 13.5" 
  • Front To Back 14.25" 


  • Deep and Wide Natural Hand-Tied Lace Parting
  • Comfortable fit
  • Flat Laid Parting 
  • Premium soft lace
  • Ear to ear lace 
  • Heat safe up to 400ºF
  • Sombre color available
  • **PB : PEEK-A-BOO

Washing Instruction : 

  • Before washing hair, brush out all tangles starting from the bottom and work up to the weft. 
  • For Curly Hair : Do not brush. Finger comb to remove all tangles. 
  • Fill the sink or a large container with lukewarm water and add synthetic wig shampoo. 
  • Swish the wig in shampoo water and wash gently. 
  • Apply wig conditioner : allow the fiber to absorb the conditioner for a couple of minutes then rinse thoroughly. 
  • Gently squeeze excess water out of wig. Do not Rub or Twist the wig. 
  • Pat dry with a clean towel . 
  • Place the wig on a wig stand and let air dry. 
Model Model
Hair Style:
  • Curly
  • Synthetic Iron Friendly
Hair Length:
  • Long
  • X-Long
  • Mixed
  • Ombre
  • Sombre
Model Model
I'm conflicted writing this review. I think the wig is beautiful. It's lightweight and easy to apply. This was my first lace front wig. I'd been avoiding them for years due to them having a bad reputation for looking fake. I'd noticed in recent years the quality of lace fronts have really improved and can look real if you get the right style that fits you. I wanted something I could put on and pull off without using glue or adhesive. That's a no-no to me. This is a wig you can just pop on when you're ready to go and you don't need glue or anything. I got it in the color 1 and it looks natural (on me) and is incredibly soft. It has a lot of good points but also a few bad.

The bad:

It's very HOT! I live in Houston. Anyone familiar with Houston knows it's hot as heck here especially in the Spring and Summer. This wig is not South-weather friendly. It's May now and I was excited to wear this wig but the minute I put it on I realized that would not be possible in this weather. The wig itself is WAY too hot. It feels like 300 degrees with this wig on. My neck was burning up from the heat this wig generates. I am disappointed that because of that, I cannot wear this wig yet. It looks like I will have to wait until fall or winter because I can't function wearing something this hot.

Another disadvantage is the shedding. OMG, this thing sheds. I watched many video reviews of this wig and not ONE reviewer mentioned shedding yet strands stay falling off this wig. I had hair in the sink from where I checked it in the mirror, my bedroom, the shedding is horrible. I am hoping that's not a long term thing but we'll see.

If not for this wig being so hot and shedding so badly I'd have given it five stars. Really bummed I can't rock this look right now. The Houston heat just won't allow it.
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