Remy Human Hair Lace Wigs

Remy Lace Wigs

Remy human hair is among the highest quality hair that you can find. Don’t be surprised by the high price, it may all be worth it if you consider the advantages that Remy brings.

- Remy Lace Wigs usually consist of human hair from one to three donors. Normal human hair lace wigs are made up of fallen hair, which is hair that has fallen off donors naturally at salons or collection sites and gathered together to be processed. As a result, the quality is not the absolute best, but it allows for cheap lace wigs that are still real human hair. With Remy, you won’t have hairs from multiple different people, but only the fewest possible donors needed to complete the Remy Lace Wig. This way you won’t lose the incredible consistency of having the same hair from one to three donors.

- Cuticles remain intact. Most normal human hair is fallen hair that is collected and must be chemically washed and have their cuticles stripped by an acid bath. This weakens most hair and causes their life expectancies to go down. Remy lace wigs still have their cuticles which means fresh, vibrant hair for a longer time.

- Cuticles in the Same Direction. On top of having their cuticles intact, Remy hair also has the hairs aligned in the same, original direction when it was cut from the donor. The ends with the cuticles are attached to the lace part of the Lace Wigs, protecting them from damage. When the hair cuticle ends (whether they were removed or kept intact) are exposed, they are easily damaged and will quickly build up static. This leads to split ends and a frizzy mess. With Remy Lace Wigs, those cuticles are protected and in the same direction, meaning long life with fewer tangles, less static, less frizz.

- Softest, most natural hair: longer wear. One of the biggest reasons to spend more for a Remy Lace Wig over a regular one is that they last longer in their original, soft and beautiful state. They haven’t been washed with harsh chemicals and their cuticles are intact, aligned, and protected. Human hair in general lasts longer than synthetics, but Remy lasts even longer than that. You should expect about a year’s worth of wear if properly handled. So, in the long run, you might pay less overall than purchasing several normal lace wigs.

It's Your Style!
It all depends on you! Your preferences have the final say. You might like the longevity and quality that Remy has to offer. Or you might like changing your hair frequently, so longevity might not be so important. And new styles are always coming out, so you might think a year is too long to keep one Remy Lace Wig. But on the other hand, you can easily style your Remy hair in any way you feel, while synthetics make that difficult! Ultimately, it’s up to you!

You might even be interested in a unique type of Remy that others dream about! If that's you or you want to know what that's all about, check out this link to our Unprocessed Remy Lace Wigs

But no matter what you choose, you can be sure that you’ll get the best selection at Hair To Beauty! We have it all for you, easy to see, easy to buy. So shop around and try some lace wigs out. Maybe it’s time to finally try that Remy!