Unprocessed Remy Lace Wigs

Unprocessed Remy Lace Wigs

The top of the line, best quality human hair you can find. There are certain key aspects that can make them preferable over just Remy lace wigs. Naturally, the prices will be at the higher end upfront. But if you properly manage and care for these beautiful lace wigs, they can last longer than any other lace wigs (usually up to a year lifespan). So in the long run, they can be a better investment.

The reasons for such a difference in price and quality are actually many. They have all the benefits of Remy Lace Wigs:

- The hair comes freshly cut from 1-3 Donors and is not fallen hair (hair that has naturally fallen off and collected from salons or collection sites).
- Cuticles are intact and lined up in the same direction, resulting in less frizzing and fewer tangles.
- Longer lasting because they have not been chemically processed to remove the hair cuticles.

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Now, the reason why Unprocessed Remy Lace Wigs are of an even higher quality than just Remy is this: they have never been dyed, altered by chemicals such as bleach, permed, curled, ironed, or anything that could modify the original state of the hair even while the hair was still on the donor’s head. So, from the follicle to the very end of the hair, all throughout the hair’s life, it has remained non-processed. These types of hair are given the names “Virgin”, “Bare”, or “Simply” by Outre to identify these incredibly protected hair bundles. These bundles remain healthier, thicker, and stronger for a longer lifespan. Also, because they are not treated with harsh chemicals, they can usually be dyed to almost any color. Of course, the region that the hair comes from (e.g. Brazilian) might dye differently from another region (e.g. Indian). They will also easily take perms and they are easy to iron, straighten, curl, or style in any way.

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