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LUNA - Bobbi Boss Weave A Wig Human Hair Blend Wig

LUNA - Bobbi Boss Weave A Wig Human Hair Blend Wig

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LUNA - Bobbi Boss Weave A Wig Human Hair Blend Wig

Type: Human Hair Blend Weave-A-Wig

Cap Size: May vary slightly by brand

  • Average: Circumference 21.5"
  • Ear To Ear 13.5"
  • Front To Back 14.25"
  • Superior Blend: 90% Premium Synthetic hair & 10% Human Hair.
  • Natural Texture, Look, and Touch.
  • Great Heat Styling.
  • Light Weight, Easy Care, High Durability.
  • Shedding Free & Tangle Free.
  • Quick & Easy Installation.
  • No Shifting & Turning.
  • Natural as Weaves.
  • Convenient as Wigs.
  • Sewing Net Around the Cap.
  • 3 Holding Combs.
  1. SEWING-READY HAIR: Hair all ready for simple sewing.
  2. SOFT & FLEXIBLE SEWING NET: Stretchable net for easy sewing.
  3. FORM-FITTING CAP: Secure & comfortable, hugging the head firmly yet gently.
  4. HOLDING COMB: Metal combs on the sides & at the nape for secure hold.

Bobbi Boss
Bobbi Boss
I'm not familiar with Weave-a-Wig, but love Bobbi Boss wigs. For the great price, I ordered this unit anyway. Let me tell you something, that sew-in netting was easier to cut than hard or soft lace. But after I cut it I was a bit skeptical that the unit wouldn't far well as a bona-fide "wig". It did. The three combs hold the hair in place. I'm going to sew a couple of more combs into the unit just for added security. The cap fit is fine. It's all good but I need to manipulate the edge a bit. No big deal. It's workable.
The hair on this unit is gorgeous. Yaki texture, but not too heavily yaki. The density is great. The style looks very much like how it does on the beautiful Bobbi Boss model (I swear, I buy half the BB wigs because I want to look like her). Overall, this is a great head of hair. I'm sure if you sew it in it'll be even greater, but I'm lazy. I mean, I didn't even get out of my pajamas today because I was taking Christmas decorations down--but you better believe I wore my hair!
Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!
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