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DIVA-H IRIN - Zury Sis Diva Synthetic Wig

DIVA-H IRIN - Zury Sis Diva Synthetic Wig

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DIVA-H IRIN - Zury Sis Diva Synthetic Wig

Type: Synthetic Hair Wig


  • SEXY
  • HEAT SAFE UP TO 400°

It is Zury's Sis hand-tied wig that has incredible volume and has a signature side swept bang. The cap comes with 2 combs in the front and 1 in the back, as well as adjustable straps to fit you perfectly. There's lots of room in the cap, so you can be sure it won't be too small.

With that stylish bang that flows from the deep & wide side part, you'll have people turning heads to get a better look! Deep & wide means that the part has space where you can apply powder so that it looks like the hair is coming from your head completely naturally (Unlike other wigs where you can't even see your head!). It's Pre-Tweezed! So you don't have to waste time plucking hairs to get that natural part look.

Irin is a medium length going down to about your shoulders and can be ironed up to 400° Fahrenheit using a unique HIGHEAT400 technology. It has a soft yaki texture that has a luster straight out of the box. It's a wig that's just ready to go! Take it out and put it on~

The DIVA line of Zury is for those who want to step up and become the prima donna, the lead star of the group! Be who you were meant to be and go be a DIVA.

Royal Imex
Hair Style:
  • Wavy
  • Synthetic Iron Friendly
Hair Length:
  • Medium
  • Mixed
  • Sombre
She is almost a 5 star wig. Irin is almost perfect. She is absolutely beautiful. She has a yaki texture that is like no other wig I have. The texture allows you to style this wig in varies styles over and over. Depending on what color you get determines how yaki it is. I have 1b/30 and its not as yaki as 4/30. 4/30 is more of a thicker yaki as I have 10 of these. It is a pretty brown with a little highlight of 30. You can barely see the 30 but the color is still pretty. 1b/30 is dark with visible streaks of 30. I am not sure how I feel about pre-tweezed parting, but its not bad on this wig. The best part about this hair is it last! I have washed, flat ironed and styled this hair over and over and it holds up well. When you flat iron you have to determine the right temp because I flat ironed the 30 and the texture did not change, but I had it on a low temp. That is a plus because I wasable to keep the yaki texture. This wig has a natural density. It does not swell up. It is a little longer than shoulder lenght so it is great for work or play. You can wear it sexy or tame for work. She is versatile. The only cons I have is the cap is larger and makes the tracks humpy and you can feel it when you run your hands down the back. The other con is the part can be hard to blend as it is some kind of mesh used and powered is hard to keep on it. Neither one of these cons have stopped me from buying this wig! I love her! I have over 20 of this style because I love it that much. Check out her reviews on youtube. Irin is a winner!
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