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Available Size : Small , Mideum

Color Shown : 1B

Overview : 

CORNROW PRO CAP is a cap with cornrows sewn on the finest cap material so that it makes weaving convenient while protecting your natural hair. It can be used for any type of weaving techniques, such as glue-in, sew-in, crochet, and etc. It is made with special mono net that is breathable and airy so that it does not capture heat or moisture in it. With its ultra-soft mono structure, it gives a wearer all day long comfort, and it is friendly to sensitive skin. Because the braids are tightly woven on the net, it is securely positioned, and will not wobble around on head. Band was specifically made for the cap, and it has just a right amount of elasticity for perfect fit around the head with no pain or discomfort. Since the user does not have to make cornrows with her own hair and chemicals used for glue-in style does not touch hair and scalp, it is protective and stress-free. Horse shoe type cornrow on front top is mainly for styles with hair parts. 

  • Ultra-Soft Mono Net for Breathability and All Day Long Comfort
  • Tightly Woven Braids for Secure Position of Hair Weave
  • Band with Appropriate Elasticity for Perfect Fit around Head
  • Protective and Stress-Free for Natural Hair
  • Cancer Patient FriendlyVariety of Choice for Every Usage and Occasion
  • Available Color: 1B