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KISS | Pocket Power File

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KISS | Pocket Power File RPP01

Portable Nail Care

  • 4 interchangeable attachments to shape & clean nails
  • Great for travel
  • 1 Cone Shaped File, 1 Barrel File, 1 Precision Tool File, 1 Detail Cone
  • Battery operated

How to Use:

  1. Remove cover and inside cap with attachments. Select desired attachment and insert end firmly into opening at top of tool.
  2. Firmly grasp tool with the attachment end pointed away from you.
  3. To turn unit on, slide Power Button up towards attachment end.
  4. Apply gentle pressure on fingernail surface during use.
  5. To turn unit off, slide Power Button down away from attachment end.

Features: Thin aluminum file is light and portable. Just toss in your pocketbook. Great for quick grooming and upkeep of manicure!

Care: Wipe attachments clean after each use. Keep attachments stored in holder inside case. If stored for long period of time, remove battery from Pocket Power File to avoid corrosion.