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Let's learn about lace wigs! (Hair to Beauty)

let's learn about lace wigs! (Hair to Beauty)

According to the size and location of your lace, you can create a variety of styles with a lace wig!
Today, let's learn about lace wigs!

  • 360 lace or whole lace - it has weft pieces applied at the top of the wig and hand-tied lace wrapped all around the edges of the cap. By doing this, you can create the most natural hairstyle.
  • I, J, or T lace - It focuses more on the convenient parting and affordable pricing!
  • 13x4 lace - You can enjoy a natural front hairline and customize the parting wherever you want.
  • 4x4 lace - you can freely adjust the parting within the 4x4 lace section. It has a good price but the side hairline is a little bit unnatural.

Hair to Beauty has a variety of lace wigs and we can price them at a good price!

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