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RUBY KISSES - Matte Lipstick RMLS

RUBY KISSES - Matte Lipstick RMLS

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RMLS01-Bare Nude Out of stock RMLS02-Nude Rose Out of stock RMLS03-Brown Sugar RMLS04-Baby Pink RMLS05-Sugar Pink Out of stock RMLS06-Red Mangrove Out of stock RMLS07-Kiss Red Out of stock RMLS08-Vampire Red Out of stock RMLS09-Peach Loo RMLS10-Capri Orange Out of stock RMLS11-Extreme Coral RMLS12-Plum Wine RMLS13-Dark Plum Scene RMLS14-Blackism RMLS15-Pink About It RMLS16-Hot Pink Gossip RMLS17-Fuchsia Fierce RMLS18-Purple Affair Out of stock RMLS19-Lilac Out of stock RMLS19A-Violet Voltag Out of stock RMLS20-Lavenderism Out of stock RMLS20A-Navy Fleet Out of stock RMLS21-Blue Lagoon RMLS22-Aquatic Blue Out of stock RMLS22A-Turquoise Aes Out of stock RMLS23-Mojito Lover Out of stock RMLS23A-Gray Matter Out of stock RMLS24-Graylite RMLS25-Pink Flamenco Out of stock RMLS26-Rosy Pink RMLS27-Mauve It Out of stock RMLS28-Spicy Brown Out of stock RMLS29-Aphrodite Out of stock RMLS30-Infinite Love RMLS31-Sweet Heart RMLS32-Heart Throb Out of stock RMLS33-Heart Beat RMLS34-Beet Me RMLS35-Sweet Thrill Out of stock RMLS36-Grape Fit Out of stock

RUBY KISSES - Matte Lipstick RMLS

Ruby Kisses By Kiss Matte Lipstick. Enjoy super rich, brilliant and vivid color!
  • Long Lasting lip color
  • Full Coverage color without leaving lips dry
  • Smooth Application
  • Available in 24 different colors
  • Stick
  • Matte
Ruby Kisses

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