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GODIVA - Motown Tres Synthetic Wig

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GODIVA - Motown Tress Synthetic Hair Wig

TYPE : Synthetic Wig

Color Shown :  4F30

Overview : 

  • It is time for you to try the new look of the Motown Tress Wig – Godiva. The Godiva is a shorter style piece from Motown, but it is the perfect option for the woman that wants to experiment with something new. The style of the Godiva is a fluffy, curly, full round shag. You are going to have a hard time finding other pieces that can match this. It is made with quality synthetic fibers. These fibers create a realistic look and feel that will fool even the closest of observers. Many different colors and shades are available for you to choose from, so find the one you like the most and you will be good to go. Enjoy the Motown Tress Wig – Godiva and all it can do to change your style.