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MAGIC | Colorffect Hair Color Wax 4.05oz

by Magic
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Magic - Colorffect Hair Color Wax 4.05 OZ

[Step 1] Wash your hair and dry until hair is damp, ideally 80% dry. 

[Step 2] Before application process, we recommend placing a towel Or cape around your neck to avoid staining on clothes.

[Step 3] Scoop Colorffect with fingers and spread over both palms. 

[Step 4] Apply color wax by running pals through desired hair color location. In many instances, Colorffect will also assist in styling during the application process. 

[Step 5] Use small amounts for a slight tint of color, and more wax for a darker and bolder look.Mix colors and make your own shade! 

[Step 6] Simply wash out when complete. Easy peasy!