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MAGIC | Eyebrow Make-Up Kit

by Magic
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MAGIC | Perfect Eyebrow Make-Up Kit

Kit contains: 

  • 3 Different Eyebrow Stencils
  • 1 Eyebrow Powder
  • 1 Brush


  1. Choose the stencil that goes according to the width and length of your arch: Thin, natural, or Thick.
  2. Place the stencil on your eyebrow. Align the beginning of the eyebrow of stencil with medial angle of the eye.
  3. Hold the mold plainly and firmly with the middle and the index fingers at the edges of the stencil.
  4. pad it with eyebrow powder within the space of the stencil. Work with the brush in both directions firmly, in order to get a uniform cover.