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MOCO DE GORILLA | Earwax Shine Look 3.5oz

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Moco de gorilla - Earwax Shine Look 3.5oz GOR00015

  • With GORILLA EARWAX® new Wet Look Wax Gel you´ll be able to have a fashionable hairdo without waiting for it to dry, while helping keep Gorillas ears free of Earwax. 
  • Innovative GORILLA EARWAX® formula and the carefully selected ingredients allow you to style your hair easily, regardless if it´s thick or thin. 
  • GORILLA EARWAX® leaves no residues and helps reflect your attitude in your look. EARWAX YOUR HAIR!

    How to use: 

    Apply on wet hair the desired amount of product with your fingers until you create a cool hairdo. Your haistyle will stay as is without needing to wait for it to dry. If you wish to reactivate the product, just apply a small amount of water to hair and restyle.


    Do not ingest, avoid eye contact.