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MY DNA | Life Naturals Jojoba Oil Treatment 4oz

by My Dna
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MY DNA | Life Naturals Jojoba Oil Treatment 4oz

Jojoba Oil penetrates and moisturize the skin without leaving an oily residue. This natural Jojoba Oil provides the skin with exactly what it needs to stay soft, moist and healthy.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount of Jojoba Oil daily or as needed to the hair, scalp and/or skin.

Functions Similar to Human Body Oil

  • Provides all-day moisturizing for skin, scalp & hair
  • Absorbs easily without clogging pores
  • excellent for massages

How To Use: 

HAIR: Massage in well to make hair soft and manageable.

SKIN: Apply and massage on skin to get a soft, smooth feel without a greasy residue.

SCALP: Massage into scalp for 1 hour before shampooing to get a deep conditioning.