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Dandruff: A big headache for braids

Dandruff: A big headache for braids - Hair to Beauty.

Dandruff: A big headache for braids

Many African American women have braid hairstyles, especially in the Summer season.
The only reason they hesitate to do braids is dandruff!
We want to share some dandruff care tips!

First, you must shampoo at least once a week! It is a better idea to use dandruff shampoo.
When you use it, do not rinse it away immediately. Wait at least 3-5 minutes then you can rinse it to get the most out of the shampoo.

Second, dry 100% of your hair to bring the best result! Wet hair causes inflammation on your scalp. We recommend using a hood dryer for simplicity.

Third, use Jojoba oil to maintain your healthy hair!
Since Jojoba oil's structure is the most similar to the natural sebum and has rich antioxidants, it is effective in preventing dandruff.

Hair to Beauty can provide beautiful braids and hair care products that help your hair and scalp!

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