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Ideal thickness and tension of braids

Ideal thickness and tension of braids -Hair to Beauty.

Ideal thickness and tension of braids
Like micro braiding, there is the various thickness of braids out there.
If you just focus on style, the thickness and tension do not matter.
However, if you want to avoid hair loss, you should do several things.
Micro braiding has brought hair loss to many women
because it uses a smaller number of hair strands.
Generally, a pen size thickness is ideal. The size helps coat each individual hair strand while shampooing and moisturizing.
When you are using crochet braiding, if you pull the cornrow or squeeze the crochet braiding too tightly
it could cause hair loss or damage to the follicles.
We recommend Box braid styles to protect your scalp and hair loss and maintain hair healthily!
Meet our perfect box braid styles at Hair to Beauty!
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