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Let's get to know about lashes!

let's get to know about lashes! - Hair to Beauty.

There is a growing number of people who say they never go out without wearing
fake lashes! Eyelashes became a Must-Have item and can provide a unique look.
Today, let's get to know about lashes!

Eyelashes can be separated into strip lashes and individual lashes according to the band.
1) Strip lashes that have a band are easy to use, and you can create various looks. They are reusable!

But look artificial, and the glue can get messy!

2) Individual lashes can last longer and look more natural.

However, it is much more expensive and harder to take off. They are not reusable. You also need to buy an eyelash remover!

Here at Hair to Beauty, we provide a variety of eyelashes that will suit only you!

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