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The importance of Brushing Your Hair

The importance of Brushing Your Hair - Hair to Beauty.

Why you should brush your hair properly?

You may not brush your hair because you are busy or tired but you may not know the importance of it.

Brushing can stimulate the flow of the scalp and strengthen the hair roots.
The blood delivers the nutrients and natural oils for hair.

By brushing your hair, you can manage the cuticles that help to protect the hair.
If you do not manage your cuticles, your hair will be damaged easily from UV and various outside sources.

Brush your hair twice a day, for blood circulation, cuticles, and to dispense some natural oils for your hair.

Wig also needs brushing. Without natural oils, wigs are likely to tangle easily.
A basic step of maintaining a wig is brushing. You must brush slowly starting from the bottom and make your way up with a wide-tooth comb.

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